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Like other varieties of Maghrebi Arabic, Algerian dialects have a mostly Semitic vocabulary, Modern koine languages, urban and national, are based mainly on Hilalian dialects.Pre-Hilalian Arabic dialects are generally classified in three types: urban, "village" sedentary and Jewish dialects.The Ministry of Religious Affairs has issued directives to imams to promote in their Friday sermons the maintenance of national stability as a religious duty.Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal warned that the regime will block any attempt aimed at “destabilizing” the country and asserted that the protests “are not related to the Arab Spring.” Together with the struggling Algerian economy, the fight to succeed Bou­teflika may very well produce a series of increasingly public con­vul­sions within Algeria’s formidable security and intelligence establishments, who are the country’s real rulers. Indeed, the case is even stronger now, as the price of natural-gas and oil exports — the foundations of the nation’s economy — have not recovered enough to satisfy the demands of Algeria’s 40 million people.The national anthem and presentation of colors begins at a.m.The program is designed for both female and male cadets.

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Algerian Saharan Arabic (also known as Saharan Arabic, Tamanrasset Arabic, Tamanghasset Arabic) is a structurally distinct variety of Arabic spoken by an estimated 100,000 people in Algeria, predominantly along the Moroccan border with the Atlas Mountains.

It is also spoken by about 10,000 people in neighbouring regions of Niger and Mali.