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We, as parents, have the unique opportunity of picking and choosing the best from both cultures and incorporating them into the traditions of our own familiy units.We can reap from the macro-societies which are Iran and America and utilize these bountiful harvests in the micro sphere of our own homes.

He kept asking, 'What did you do with your girlfriend, and when?The snow gathers in thick clouds and falls softly in the chaotic dirty busy streets of Tajrish.Once upon a time a charming village with beautiful gardens not too far from busy Teheran, it has now been swallowed up by the big gray city.Several shops sell the more correct calligraphy art. Without much hassle I get my passport stamped and my Iranian-Dutch friend and I go down the escalators.Lastly, the hideous 3D frames can’t be left out, portraying with the help of slats and fabric recreations of entire land- and cityscapes. Despite her appearance the student, named Madousa, turns out to be thirty-nine years old. We are greeted by a veiled woman with a broad smile, who promptly presses a rose into our hands.