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Crabb’s faulty oven catches fire at an inconvenient time and such is her incandescent rage that she goes on a social media rant at the manufacturer.

Sales, seeing an opportunity to soothe her friend, turns to the piano and writes a new and more appropriate jingle for the oven company.

Live Streaming is the broadcasting of live video and audio feeds from a remote location by way of services like those offered by

In the field of social media, the term "live media" refers to new media that use streaming media technologies for creating networks of live multimedia shared among people, companies and organizations.

For those in the aggressive market of keeping people glued to their phones, Snapchat may have just beaten everyone to the punch.

The messaging app on Tuesday announced a serious overhaul of its chat platform to make skipping between communication mediums easier.

The icon is disguised as “My Utilities,” so no one will ever guess there are private photos tucked away in your phone.

There is an “Intruder stopper” option plays fake video upon opening.