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You could pick a couple of places to try for the evening and end up discovering your new faves.Despite being around in the city’s gastronomic landscape for several years, this fine dining restaurant does not fail to fascinate food connoisseurs.

And with a little help from the chef and restaurant staff, you can create the perfect experience. We present our 10 best romantic restaurants in Bangalore for you to start planning. Olive Beach Olive Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful restaurant settings in the city.Maybe you're simply trying to spice up a weekend and do something different that will bring you and your significant other closer.From fine dining to strolling in the park or even a night at the museum, there are so many ideas for you out there.The state-of-the-art technology and amenities for commerce, leisure and relaxation makes our hotel in Bengaluru an ideal choice for patrons, guests and travellers whether on business, leisure or a weekend retreat.The Park Hotel near MG road in Bangalore promises complete indulgence with its facilities, restaurants and bars - making it a preferred destination of discerning patrons looking for luxury hotels in Bangalore.