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A Sopwith Dolphin pilot, James William Pearson joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1917 and was promoted to temporary 2nd Lieutenant (on probation) on 29 October 1917. He then attacked a second, which he drove down to crash.

On 6 April 1918 he was posted to 23 Squadron at Bertangles. In all he has accounted for seven enemy aircraft, setting at all times a fine example of skill and courageous determination.

It has a more restricted range than the short-beaked common dolphin (D. It has a disjointed range in coastal areas in tropical and warmer temperate oceans.The Indo-Pacific common dolphin is sometimes considered a separate species (D.tropicalis), but is more often considered a form of the long-beaked common dolphin.The range includes parts of western and southern Africa, much of western South America, central California to central Mexico, coastal Peru, areas around Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and possibly near Oman.The long-beaked common dolphin is medium-sized, but smaller than the more popular bottlenose dolphin.