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Authorities would not reveal what Salters was being treated for in hospital.He had been in custody at Kane County Jail since April 11 after being charged with stealing a vehicle from the Elgin Police Department.

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Tywon Salters was fatally shot on Saturday afternoon at Delnor Hospital in Geneva, about 40 miles west of Chicago, when hostage negotiations broke down.The Clerk attends to the day-to-day business of the Company.Charitable, having a long history of cultural patronage primarily supporting clockmaker related good causes and in particular the education and training of clockmakers, and making awards for excellence in horology; the Company now also plays an important part in social life, networking, and charitable work in the City of London. The Clockmakers’ Company recently launched The Hain Sanders Research / Personal Development Award, the purpose of which is to assist professional clockmakers and watchmakers in the learning of new skills or enhancing their personal development, and to support scientists researching the measurement of time or a closely related project. A formal affiliation was signed in 2014 between the WCC and the AHS.Loomis immediately run to a nearby room and hid.'The sheriff then took no action to attempt to regain control of his gun or protect hospital employees walking the floor,' the lawsuit claims.Salters - who has previously been convicted of grand larceny and armed robbery - then entered a nurse's room naked and forced her to take her clothes off so he could wear them. He left the first nurse behind and sent his new hostage to a decontamination room in the hospital - which at this point had been evacuated and was on lockdown - where, for three hours, he 'repeatedly beat her, forced her to remove her clothes, violently raped her, threatened her life, verbally abused her and held her at gunpoint,' the suit states.'The entire time that she was held captive, he held her hair with one hand and had the gun to her head with the other hand,' the nurses' attorney Sean Murray said.