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KAMPAR: A father of 13-year-old girl filed a police report following the discovery of his daughter's sexual relationship with a 23-year-old man.

Kampar district police chief, Supt Ng Kong Soon said the victim's father was shocked to read a brief message about the "relationship" through the We Chat application on his daughter's mobile phone.

Ng said, the suspect repeated the same act two days later at the same place.

He said the matter was finally discovered by the victim's father when he read the We Chat conversation on his daughter's mobile.

I'm sure there's literally thousands of stories if not more of people who have fallen in love over We Chat (or from many other social apps), but the We Chat Official Blog posted one such story from 2015:"With over 600 million monthly active We Chatters around the world, we are always excited to hear how We Chat has created and strengthened connections among our users.

But one day as he activated this Discovery feature, there was a particular person who stood out among the others.

"After several days, the suspect and the victim met again on Nov 20 and the suspect invited the victim to have sex in a public toilet at Plaza Kranji in Jalan Market.

"Although the victim initially refused, she finally gave in after he promised not to leave her," Ng told .

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