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In a statement, 3nder said it was “confident” none of its members would ever confuse the two apps, and drew attention to Tinder's lack of ownership of the '-nd(e)r' suffix, used by similar services like Grindr and Adult Friend Finder.Dimo Trifonov, the founder of 3ndr, said: “Our mission and our values could not be more distinct from those of Tinder.” “With so many sexualities and relationship structures left out of Tinder and the Match Group [Tinder's parent company] offerings, there is room for all of us.” “No one should have a monopoly on love,” he said.Except, when they do renew, it turns out that the person who wanted to contact them has disappeared. Tinder is reportedly suing 3nder, a rival dating app targeted at people who want threesomes, over the similarity between their names.In a press release, 3nder said that as a fledgling startup, its staff often don't have time to do their laundry.In protest at the lawsuit, it is now encouraging its users to send Tinder pictures of their dirty socks over social media with the hashtag #Tinder Suck My Socks, in the hope it will convince the dating giant to drop the case.Also, there are claims that many of the profiles are fakes, using images of porn actresses, models, or people from other dating sites (though, if accurate, this could just be the work of spammers, rather than Match itself).Separately, there are claims that just as accounts are about to expire, members get a notice that someone wants to contact them -- but they have to renew their subscription to respond.

But having said that, in my own company I would not have such allowances.Last year, dating site threatened some rivals, saying that the numbers they put out concerning marketing probably couldn't be supported, and ordering them to cease and desist with misleading claims.Of course, all that really did was make a lot of people turn around and look more closely at's own claims, which seemed only fair.Sandhya Menon Thought an office cricket match or a rather generous entertainment allowance was enough of an HR initiative to get your work force going?If you are answer is yes, then you are probably safe.

Premji sued over dating