Sandra oh and kevin mckidd dating

Before his regular appearances on the show, Owen Hunt was a United States Army surgeon, specializing in trauma surgery.

The character makes a dramatic first appearance when he performs a tracheotomy on a man with a pen, winning the admiration of resident Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh).

The fictional character served as a love interest for surgical fellow Cristina Yang, and had an unstable personality when first introduced, suffering from PTSD.

Mc Kidd's connection with fellow actress Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) has been acclaimed amongst critics, with Matt Roush of TV Guide calling the "instant sparks" between Mc Kidd and Oh "electrifying".

Sarah Drew: It was Eric Dane, but now it's Justin Chambers.

He drinks about five Red Bulls throughout the day, I'm not even kidding.

Oh joked that she's not very pleased with the fact that her ex-onscreen husband now has another wife on the hit ABC series.

She even went as far as asking Mc Kidd's Owen if he's sure about his decision.

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Mc Kidd understands that everyone knows that Cristina should have been with Meredith on this really hard day, and she was there indeed — even if fans didn’t realize it right away.I also think what's happening with the Chief is really interesting. He has a long road ahead of him, and it has been a really interesting and fun thing for us to write." Kate Walsh came out for the big celebration, so I had to ask if there's a chance Addison might return someday: "I love Addison, so anything is a possibility," Rhimes revealed. Honestly, you can see it in every blooper reel in every season! Miranda Bailey): Oooh, he's gonna kill me, but maybe Kevin Mc Kidd. (Revisit the moment here, then read on for more.) Given that Season 10 opens up almost immediately after the events of the superstormy finale, Owen and Cristina are splistville “definitely through the premiere, and maybe longer.It looks like it could be quite a longer,” Mc Kidd tells TVLine.