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One of the iconic historical monuments which can be found in the exposition is wooden church (so called “tserkva”) dating back to 1766 from the village of Nová Polianka (Mergeška) having rich interior decorations.

Zaduszki celebration occurs on All Saints' Day (November 1) and the Day of the Dead (November 2).Prior to returning to the Otherworld, the souls went to church for a special nighttime mass by the dead priest's soul.The living were not allowed to watch the dead; those who broke this rule would be punished severely.Since he took control of the majority of Slovakia, Csak was nicknamed “The Lord of the Vah River and Tatra Mountains.” The oldest written record of the word (slovensky) dates back to Matthew Csak’s era (1294) and can be found in the letter of a church dignitary from Klastor under Zniev.At this period the original timber castles had been rebuilt and transformed into the stronger stone castles. They were built especially to withstand the attacks of the Tartars moving into our territory from the Asian Steppe in 1294.