Teachers accomodating temperamental characteristics

Your personality is likely one of the four or could be a blend of two or more.

For, the same privacy zealot wouldn’t think twice about eavesdropping on an office conversation to obtain leverage in the workspace or checking a partner’s mobile phone just to ensure there’s no hanky-panky afoot.For a generation that demands privacy as vocally as it does, Gen X, Gen Y and perhaps Gen Z (when someone, realising that Z follows X and Y, gets around to using this nomenclature) are remarkably blasé about wearing their hearts, minds and pretty much every other part of themselves on their social networking sites, for not just governments, HR departments, jealous exes, suspicious spouses or curious parents to spy on, but for any passing Internet troll to like, dislike or trash.But, try asking them for their Facebook passwords, and bedlam is more than likely to ensue.Bands: Gadjo Club (superb Gypsy Balkan Jazz); Seize the Day (protest folk stalwarts); Green Angels (upbeat Breton dance); Vogue Gyratory (Brighton faves, 7 piece funk-reggae); Manjinga 7; Toggy Mess (upbeat Irish folk); Manos Puestas (super-spicy flamenco jazz); a variety of fantastic DJs, including Matt Black of Coldcut (Thurs pm), followed by Cinema Poetry and art: Inter-Ference; open mike poetry evening; Poetry Slam; 'The Big Q' play written specially for Buddhafield!; The Buddhafield 'Artery'; carnival costume-making from found natural materials; creativity and poetry-writing; Mr Be, mime, clown and family show; Stilted butterfly walkabout; Marionettas giant puppets.. Network of Engaged Buddhists; Amida Trust, and others.