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When you hard-reset your i Phone and reboot it, the ghost app that is stuck at “Waiting…” should be gone from the homescreen/springboard.

Chances are they have them as either icons, or images that are grayscale so they all look clean and consistant.

Why doesn't Google Calendar on Android do that, years after its inception?

Whatever the reason, you've now got at least one option for that functionality: the previously-covered Today Calendar.

But in terms of almost obsessive attention to visual design, Apple has the upper hand.

Case in point: the i Cal app icon on the i Phone and i Pad updates every day, putting the correct day of the month on the icon.

In our earlier coverage of the topic, we mentioned a few fixes.

Once I've created an issue, Issue type and icon display as expected.when I attempt to add the code for 'real' payment icons - it works - but no matter what size I choose they come out at the bottom as large as my screen..after another. How can I make them appear exactly where the monochrome icons are currently (and also prevent those from displaying)? Netvibes uses a cache for all favicons (icons associated with a particular web site).When a favicon is updated on a website, there might be a delay before you can see the change in Netvibes (max. This article will teach you how to update and edit your addon in the Workshop. Updating the rest, such as title and description is done through Steam Workshop website. To avoid updating problems, the change note should only use US-ASCII characters (latin characters with no accents).