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“The relationship between me, the city and the organization is great.This is the reason why I would love to reach an agreement to remain in Denver,” Gallinari said. And I would love to remain with the Nuggets.” There’s no firm date of when that interview was recorded, but those comments line up with Gallinari’s general line of thinking over the past two seasons when his name has been brought up in trade chatter.Gallinari is coming off the most prolific shooting season of his career and converted on 44.7 percent of his field goals and 38.9 percent of his threes, Gallinari’s best marks since his rookie season.

Gallo can get his own shot, and has actually improved his three point shooting to the best it’s been since his rookie year (where he only played a quarter of a season).

His true shooting percentage of 60.8 percent is good for 21st in the league among qualifiers, ahead of notable sharpshooters Klay Thompson, J. This shows his efficiency, as it means despite having the ball in his hands far less than in most previous seasons, he is still posting the second highest points average of his career.

What’s more impressive about Gallinari’s shooting numbers is the fact that they don’t substitute for lack of pure scoring output.

He and Nikola Jokic, after a rocky start, began to find a somewhat harmonious existence. Gallo nearly shot a career high in field goal percentage (44.7% vs 44.8% his rookie year).

44% Field goal percentage and 38% three point percentage is really .... On the flip side Gallo, since about 2014, has been slow and passive on defense.