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We saw this with a Slider and a Text Block that were bound to the same value.

As the Slider was manipulated, the Text Block showed the changing value.

This behavior is controlled by a property on the binding called Update Source Trigger.

It defaults to the value "Default", which basically means that the source is updated based on the property that you bind to.

To see how all of these options work, I have updated the example from the previous chapter to show you all of them: As you can see, each of the three textboxes now uses a different Update Source Trigger.

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For example, if a read-only property is calculated according to other, data-bound properties, controls that are linked to the calculated value will not normally update.

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I don't usually write tutorial blog posts and series, preferring instead to develop new controls or novel techniques.

However, I really felt this subject needed an in-depth tutorial.